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Hey! Listen!

So you need a game or an app. But you don’t want just any old game/app. No, you want one with Wind! Fire! All that kind of thing! Bruh, you’re in the right place, because Electronic Gaming Solutions is on fleek. No, not fleek. Forget we said fleek. On point? Sure. Electronic Gaming Solutions is on point.

Let us ask you a few things about your project: Do you value speedy results and iteration, high-quality visuals, and responsive communication? If you answered “No” to any of those, you’re in the wrong place, and also maybe the wrong line of business? We dunno, is that too forward of us to say? We mean, you could go somewhere else and ask someone to take a bajillion hours to serve up a steaming pile while ignoring your emails. That is something you could do. Or, we dunno, maybe just stick around here for the fast, excellent, responsive thing. That seems like probably the better call.

Whether you’d like us to serve as your game’s remote art department, or you need us to help develop your app from the ground up, we can do it. Plus, our name is cool. Whisper it with us: “Electronic Gaming Solutions.” Sounds nice whispered, right?

Services We Offer:

Game Design

From advergames to fully-developed titles, let us use our experience across varied genres to help you shape the gameplay that will engage your audience.

Cross Platform

We can help you hit your target platform, from PC to consoles to those newfangled cellular telephones the kids have these days. “Mobile,” we think it’s called? Kidding! We totally know mobile.

Mobile Optimization

As we said, our experience developing for mobile means your product comes custom-tailored to the capabilities of your audience’s device. Like a bespoke suit, rather than that oversized tux we wore to prom when we were 17. We’re not proud of that.

It’s not all fun and games. Well, it is all fun and games, but it’s also about gathering relevant data from said fun and games to inform important decisions. Yeah, we see you, Business Guy/Gal! We knew you’d like this one; high five, you matter too!
AR and VR

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the hotness right now, and for good reason. Whether you’re an experienced developer or just entering that space for the first time, let us help. Embrace the future!

Good Kisser

What? Hey, no, let’s keep it professional! Were you really so into our features & services list that you daydreamed it said we were a good kisser? We’re super flattered, but that’s not a service we offer. (Or is it?) But no, it isn’t.

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